This post is specifically for DRAFTKINGS WEEK 2 NFL.

I am not one to write paragraphs for each player I analyze, I like to keep things short and to the point!  I will also put a (FP) next to one player in each position for my Favorite pick aka FLIPS PICK based on their value & match-up.

Now lets get it.   Abbreviations: Cost Per Point(CPP) Flips Pick (FP)

QB: Best Plays

Peyton Manning ($8,800)- For how good and efficient Peyton is you should have no problem spending $8,800 for him this week.  His CPP is among the best this week and playing a demoralized Chiefs defense he should tear them apart.  If QB is where you want to spend the big bucks this week, Peytons your play.

Tom Brady (FP) ($7,000)- Dont overreact to Tom Bradys performance week 1 against a Miami Defense that always gives Brady trouble.  Luckily Draftkings did overreact and that is why hes dirt cheap at $7,000.  He should take his anger out on a lousy Vikings D that only looked dominate against a pedestrian Rams offense.

Brian Hoyer & Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5,000)- With both of these guys at a QB salary cap minimum of $5,000 you can take a chance on either of them to have a big game.  Hoyer and Fitzpatrick have a great CPP this week.  They play within the offense and have favorable matchups this week, Fitzpatrick going against a weak Raiders D and Hoyer at home going against a Saints defense who got Matty Ice’ddddddddd Sunday.

QB: Worst Plays:

Matthew Stafford (8,300)- While he is a fantasy beast I would avoid him this week at such a high price.  Hes going against a elite Panthers defense at home who will be hungry with their starting QB back in the line-up.  Your better off spending that extra $500 and grabbing a sure thing in Peyton if your contemplating Stafford.

Jay Cutler ($7,700)- Not a horrible price point for Cutler but going against a San Fran Defense looking like they are trying to prove themselves as a top D with a number of missing pieces.  The 49’ers will be hype playing in a new stadium including the fans, it will be very loud.  Cutler’s arm and brain aren’t always on the same page and that’s why i stay away from him here, grab Brady at $7,00 if your thinking Cutler.

RB: Best Plays

Arian Foster ($7,000)- Hes back and just trying to be the best teammate he can be ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6weWPXuJhs ).  Arian has one of if not the best match-up this week going against a Raiders defense who let the Jets run all over them.  You dont need to worry about another RB stealing those goal line touches either here, Arian carried 27 times week 1.  He should get some good opportunities to take a screen play to the house.  With his past history at Oakland you got to feel confident with this pick.

Giovani Bernard (FP) ($6,300)- After a disappointing week 1 performance against a strong ravens defense Gio’s price dropped.  After seeing the Steelers struggle against the Ravens D also you gotta feel confident that he will have a breakout game against a Falcons D that gave up huge yardage to the Saints.  He is the #1 RB no question, he got 57 snaps compared to Jeremy Hill’s 10.  He ran 14 times, he got all the goal line touches, he caught 6-10 passes thrown his way…no need to explain this pick anymore especially in a PPR format.

Alfred Morris ($5,200)- The Redskins will look to establish the run game here against the Jaguars.  Morris still put up 91 yards against a Texans D that dominated the game.  The way things look he should go for 100+ and a TD this week.

RB: Worst Plays

Jamaal Charles (7,400)- After getting embarrassed by the Titans I do not have faith in the Chiefs offense to put up numbers against a even better defense in Denver.  Peyton will control the game leaving the Chiefs trying to play catch-up.  If you are considering Charles please don’t, go with Montee Ball who costs $6,800 or Arian Foster at $7,000.

Reggie Bush ($6,000)- I’m not confident in Bush ever, even more so against the Panthers.  Stay away from him here for $6,000 there are better options.

C.J. Spiller ($6,000)- Had a pretty solid game against the Bears but with a split RB committee, its to much of a risk to take him.  He also is deferred to Fred Jackson around the goal-line.

WR: Best Plays

Demaryius Thomas (FP) ($7,000)- Lets be real, he will not have another game like that again.  He was targeted most receiver, multiple times in the red zone, and it was clear Julius Thomas had the mismatch.  Since his low score week 1 Draftkings left us a gem, the 7th highest salary for a WR you MUST take him.  Peyton likes to keep his WR’s happy and against the Chiefs Demaryius should be smiling after the game.

Reggie Wayne (FP) ($5,300)- The most targeted receiver for the Colts and Lucks safety net Reggie should have a huge game.  It will be a shootout between the Colts and Eagles Monday night and the Colts will give up on the run game and air it out.  I’m expecting at least 100 yards and 10 catches, hopefully a TD too.

DeSean Jackson ($5,300)- Jackson was 2nd highest on RG III target list which is expected.  For Jackson to get 8 catches against a JJ Watt who was causing all kinds of disruption in the pocket is amazing.  He will have a huge game against a poor Jaguars D.  I see Jackson high-stepping into the end-zone on a long play this week.

Vincent Jackson ($5,000) & Mike Evans ($4,000)- Vincent Jackson for 5k!?!? You have to be drooling especially against the Rams team who just lost their best DE and got whooped by the Vikings.  Josh Mcown is a capable QB and targeted each of these guys 9 times.  Vincent Jackson’s track record speaks for itself and Mike Evans looks like the top rookie WR along with Kelvin Benjamin & Brandin Cooks.

WR: Worst Plays

Cordarrelle Patterson ($6,300)- Had a huge performance last week due to his big play, but that’s what your getting with Patterson…a shot a huge play.  For $6,300 this week ill pass as there are much better options in a PPR format as he only had 3 catches week 1.  Now that AP is out Sunday Bill Belichick will most likely blanket Patterson.

Mike Wallace ($6,100)- I would shy away from anything to do with Miamis offense.  The bills held the Bears which has a much better offense to 20 points.  For $6,100 you really must like Wallace, much better option in Emmanuel Sanders or Michael Floyd at $6,000.

TE: Best Plays

Rob Gronkowski (FP) ($6,000)- Brady targeted the beast 11 times week 1.  Brady will be able to breathe in the pocket against the Vikings and actually get set to throw to Gronk.  For $6,000 he is one of the best TE plays no doubt, he wont be that cheap often.

Jordan Cameron ($3,800)- This guy is a stud…only problem is hes questionable to play with a re-injured shoulder.  With Josh Gordon still doubtful to play Sunday Hoyer will rely on on Cameron.  Your gonna have to wait till Sunday morning to make this pick with confidence.  They do have the 1pm EST game so you will be able to change your lineup with confidence once the starters are named.

TE: Worst Plays

Julius Thomas ($7,100)- After a performance like that you would expect him to be the highest salary TE and he is.  Do not put $7,100 into Thomas, and if you MUST spend big on ur TE then put it in Jimmy Graham at $7,000 the best TE in the game.  Peyton will spread the ball and he wont get that production this week.

Vernon Davis ($5,700)- Another multi TD TE from last week overpriced.  Kap will spread the ball more and look for his bread n butter Crabtree at full strength more.  Davis is TD dependent as he doesn’t get a high volume of targets and I just don’t see it this week.

D/ST: Best Plays

Texans ($3,500)- JJ Watt a one man wrecking crew should cause all kinds problems for the Raiders who don’t seem promising to have a big day.  Also Derek Carr will be baptized a few times by Watt sunday

Cardinals ($3,300)- You gotta like your odds with the Cardinals defense playing solid against Phillip Rivers and a solid Chargers offense.  They will play the Giants who did not seem impressive against the Lions, also Eli is pick happy right now.

Buccaneers (FP) ($3,200)- Bucc’s at home against a awful Rams offense, you got to love this match-up.  Solid pick here to not allow a lot of points and hopefully cause some turnovers.

Patriots ($3,200)- All of a sudden the Patriots defense looks great this week.  Going up against a Vikings team with no AP they should be able to contain the big plays without a RB threat.

D/ST: Worst Plays

Vikings ($2,700)- I don’t recommend taking any defense other than the 3 i listed because the price difference is so small.  I wanted to note not to take the Vikings off a good performance against a really really bad Rams offense.  They will face the Patriots who will put up points.

I did not include a Flex spot but i recommend avoiding double TE, your best off with a high volume WR or RB.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know!

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Understanding Fanduel and Draftkings Scoring & Rules

These two websites are very similar, but have KEY differences.  They both incorporate a Salary Cap which you have to stay under while picking your team of players.  Remember that these websites set different Salary Caps and prices per player, just because there is good value on a player from one site does not mean that player will be good value on the other!  If you are brand new to either of these websites I suggest you read this very carefully.  I will not cover their payment & payout policys, all that information is on their respective website.


Here is a short “how it works guide” https://www.fanduel.com/how-it-works

Here is the official scoring, you must make sure to read over that if you are new.  The most important note is that Fanduel is a HALF PPR aka you recieve 0.5 points for a reception. https://www.fanduel.com/rules

On Fanduel your team consists of a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, and D/ST.


Here is draftkings simple outline on how to play https://www.draftkings.com/help/how-to-play

This is the official scoring, you must make sure to read over this if you are new.  Here on Draftkings the most important note is this is a PPR scoring system aka you receive 1.0 point for a reception. https://www.draftkings.com/help/nfl

On Draftkings your team consists of a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX, K, and D/ST.